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July 2015


Inspiration among us

Hello lovely people J Today I planned on going back to Rijeka, but collision of events stopped me so I’m staying here on Pag till tomorrow morning. Since its windy and moody I decided to spend my afternoon writing this post. First let me start by saying thanks to the person who wrote anonymous comments on my blog. Unfortunately I deleted the comments because there was swearing, and I don’t want that kind of negativity and hate on  ...


All we ever have is right now

I must admit that I love reading books. But not books that you read and say ”Oh well that was a good book.” and just that, I love books that got me into thinking, words that inspire, concept of an book that doesn’t leave me indifferent. I love to think, and my brain works all the time, but this last book I red just left my mind blank and got me feeling with my Being. I’m talking about a book from Eckhart Tolle The  ...


My milkshakes bring my parents to the yard

Summer is the perfect time of year for refreshing fruit smoothies and milkshakes. Recently I’ve bought myself Delimano smoothie maker and since then every morning, I make my parents different smoothies and milkshakes, plus, I practice photography and editing. For three days I’ve mixed recipes I found on pinterest with something I thought will mach good with that flavors. Sooo, here are some of my recipes and photos. ORDINARY MILK  ...


Sea of love

Hello everyone, I’m hoping you’re enjoying your summer like me. On Wednesday I’ve spent the whole day ”on tour” with my parents. My mom has her own home-craft ”Kich Sapunich” so every time we’re on vacation, we have to go to Zadar, Pakoštane, Biograd and other seaside cities so she can carry off her soaps in gift shops. I stand beside my claim that my mom is one of the most craftiest, creative,  ...



Yesterday I did a little project taking photos of my essential stuff for summer. Since I’m at Pag in my summer house, there is no good space or lightning to take quality photos of clothes and accessories, so, I decided to be creative and went outside to make something different. In front of my summer house is a little park with trees and bushes so that was my starting place. I must say that I troubled a bit with the enviroment and  ...


Summer hello

Hello lovelies! I’m back, and my blog is on. Yesterday I’ve passed my final exam so summer can start 🙂 I’m so happy I decided to blog again. I’ve learned that if you really love something you should do it no matter what, and you will always find time for it. Priorities. Tomorrow I’m going on holidays with my parents and dog, so it will be busy creative summer. Untill my next post here are some photos from  ...