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August 2015


Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you

I dream of a big city, lights, people, warm concrete, buses, traffic lights, trees that linger through wind. I dream of being real, feeling real. All my time spent dreaming I forgot that actually I am real. I do exist. I am. I live my dream. As the city beats and people move, every glimpse of light and sound awakes my soul to live with it, be a part of it, to realize I truly am real, but lost in the fog of my thoughts, missing life while it  ...



”It’s important to write while it’s still fresh. Yesterday I found out that my boyfriend, cats and I have to move from our apartment because our landlord’s son got into college here at Rijeka, and it’s rational decision for them that he lives here in our place. I must say, that kinda broke me because our apartment is pretty amazing, new and cozy, but I guess something else was ”ment for us”. We moved  ...


live to express, not impress

I’m a crafty person. When I discovered pinterest it was one of the best days of my life πŸ™‚ I discovered amazing people and things to do and craft. Since I’ve finished art school I’m used to express myself through my hands and when I create something I feel complete for that 2 minutes, than I want to create more. The thing that bugs me most about my college is that we don’t make anything through our hands, so when I  ...


Take the wild ones they’re my favorite

These last couple of days, I have been very busy working on DIY projects so let me start by apologizing for my long absence. A few days ago my mom sent me a pretty amazing article from Elite Daily. The title was Eleven reasons why you have to be ”crazy” to suceed in life. The article points out few amazing people like Hemingway, Dali, Jobs, Warhol, Lagerfeld who were all pointed out like crazy ones when they did something out of  ...



So, yesterday I came back from my second vacation on island Krk in a little place called Punat. I stayed with my grandparents and my aunt, and absolutely loved it. My summer so far has been busy, and I can feel myself grow from all the trips and hanging out with great people. My photography has improved and ideas and inspiration I find in everything. Todays post will be short because I just came back and I want to spend more time with my  ...