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September 2015


Vinkovačke jeseni photo diary

Hello everyone 🙂 so glad I finally found the time to write this post and publish all photos I took at Vinkovačke jeseni. All of the people I spent my time with were absolutely amazing, happy and inspiring and I will always remember them and the great times we had this year working in our booths. Absolutely wonderful event and 10 great days in my hometown, I couldn’t spent it better. If you follow me on instagram you already know that I  ...


Art is a way of survival

  Helloo my lovelies. My Wednesday was amazing, even thought it’s Sunday, I had to write a bit about it. I spent the whole day in creative expressing and walks through town. Vinkovačke jeseni is an amazing festival full of people from all around Croatia and even Europe who come to visit their relatives, but also to participate in various activities and programs arranged by people who organized Vinkovačke jeseni in the first place.  ...



Yesterday I decided to sit down with myself and make some changes with my blog posts. One of ideas was season playlist for every season of the year, and since summer is sadly over, it’s time for warm sweaters, hot coffee, good books and ”cozy” music. I know cozy isn’t an adjective for music, but when I listen to this songs that is how I feel no matter where I am. All songs from this playlist are pretty old and were my  ...


Post blue

Hey there! Well, summer is over and it makes me really sad. I’m one of those people who could live in tropical areas where summer lasts all year. When it starts to get colder I get depressed, but exciting things are happening now so I’m pretty happy and on the move all the time. I am back in my hometown for ‘Vinkovačke jeseni’ which is autumn festival in east Croatia, and this year it will be its 50th anniversary. I  ...