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October 2015



Hellooou lovely people! Recently I’ve been getting inspired and working on some new blog ideas that will freshen up my blog a bit, so I decided to put in a new monthly theme called ”The 7 joys”. In the end of every month I’ll post 7 things that made me really happy. From new clothing pieces, books, movies, events, songs, people, stories, etc. I love sharing happy inspirational things, so maybe they can brighten up  ...



Recently I was home in Vinkovci for a few days because I had an extended weekend, so I decided to use it to visit my family before all the exams start. Coming home is always nice when you have people who look forward seeing you. My days were spent on shopping with my mom in Osijek, working on our land where we’ll plant lavender for my mom’s home craft, visiting my grandparents in Slavonski Brod and reliving my old memories from  ...



Hello, hello! After six-hour drive I finally arrived home in Vinkovci where I’ll be for a few days before I have to get back in Rijeka. Every time I’m home I find time for new blog posts because it’s the only time I can ever sit down and post something without thinking about college and it’s obligations. Today’s post is about apartment inspiration (as you can see from the title yaas). Recently, me, my boyfriend  ...



Hi everyone. It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been raining for a week and a half now and I don’t have a place for a photosesion, so pray with me for a better weather. College has started and obligations just keep piling up so I won’t have that much time to write and post. Today I wanna share with you something amazing that inspired me few days ago, and post some of my photos I took with my phone for last  ...



Hello everyone. 🙂 Today is about something a bit different. Some of you who know me personally, know that my favorite plants are succulents, and it has been like that since I was a kid. My mom is a big succulent lover, so that I inherited from her. Since I moved to Rijeka two years ago I didn’t bring any of my plants with me, but I collected some new ones. Some of them I bought at different fairs, some got for my birthday, but  ...



When we think about life, one of the things that’s related to the term of life is purpose. What is the purpose of my existence? Why am I here and is there something I have to accomplish in my worldly life? Many religions have answers to these type of questions, but if you’re not so religious, as myself, those answers will be unsatisfying. It’s in our human nature to constantly seek for something, to wait for something, and  ...