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November 2015


The 7 joys

Since it’s the end of the month, it’s time for ritual of The 7 joys in which I’ll post 7 things that made me happy this November 🙂 1. TRIP TO VENICE+ BIENNALI This is my absolute favorite this month because it really put me back in place. I discovered so many great artists and saw beautiful corners of Venice that inspired me more than I could ever imagine. I’m so grateful to have these kind of opportunities to travel  ...


Impartial observer

What is reality? Is it something we perceive every morning when we wake up, when we go outside and interact with other humans? Or is it something that exist only in the mind of an observer? Studying philosophy for almost three years now, I’ve explored so many philosophical theories and could never classify myself into any of them until last year’s summer semester. When I first got into modern philosophy class I was absolutely  ...


All the World’s Futures

Hello everyone 🙂 Hope your week is going good so far, if not, I’ll try to cheer you up with some amazing art and brilliantly creative people. Visiting Venice’s La Biennale was one of the best things that happened to me in a while. When I think about art I feel comfort for my partly disturbed mind and soul. I feel free. Art gives me this amazing dimension of entering other people’s parts of the soul, it crystallizes problems  ...


Venice photo diary

Hi everyone! 🙂 If you follow me on Instagram you already know I visited Venice this Friday as part of the field work our professors organize as part of their courses. It was such an amazing trip, so inspirational and motivating. The day was spent walking around Venice through beautiful tiny streets, bridges, canals, taking photos of everything that draw our attention, coffees and visiting world-famous ”La Biennale” which is  ...


the truth

Today I wanna talk a bit about you. I wanna encourage you to stop for a minute. Sit down, have a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette and think a bit about yourself and your life. How do you feel in the moment? Why do you feel the way you feel? Do you want to feel like that? What do you want in the moment? What’s going on inside your body and your mind? Where are you? Are you lost? Are you happy? Do you want to be? Do you know who you  ...



Hi there! For the last week I’ve been sick with some kind of flu so I wasn’t able to post much, but I’m getting better. Today I wanna share with you my weekend purchases and talk a little about social media. I’m not a big fan of Facebook because of all unnecessary bull** I see there, from politics, violent articles, hate, unapproval of people with different life views, sex orientations etc. If I hadn’t gone to  ...


never rest

Hi there! Since I’m piled up with college obligations and apartment redecoration, today’s post will be short. I am finding so much happiness around and inside of me that I just feel inspired to do everything. Before, when I get home from college tired I just lie down on the couch with no will for anything, but now I’m beginning to find that little piece of me that wants to get up and continue. I always have something to do  ...