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January 2016


The little things

Hi people dearest! Yesterday was a pretty good day. Marija and I finally found the time to go out on a photosesion, hang out and feel like normal people. That’s what college does to you especially when you’re year away from finishing your undergraduate. When you have tons of obligations and literary don’t find time to clean your apartment or wash your hair, small things make you feel like a human again like relaxing just  ...


Photography tips and tricks

Hello dear people! I apologize for my long absence, and not posting anything for a while now. College obligations have piled up and I can’t find any time to go out for a photosesion, or do some other type of post. January and February are months of exams, seminars and studying, so all I do these couple of days is sitting, drinking coffee, and working on finishing all my exams as sooner and better possible so I can have time to blog  ...


December photo diary

Happy New Year my dearest people! I hope you had a great time celebrating and rested enough after to start your NY with more positivity and strength. My celebration was the best one ever and that gives me amazing preview of how my 2016. will be 🙂 I’ve learned a lot in the past year, and it’s been the best year of my life so far. So many bad things happened that shook me up, but they also taught me to appreciate the moments and  ...