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March 2016



Hi there πŸ™‚ So, the Spring is finally here and everything goes more smoothly when there’s rays of sunlight that wake me up in the morning, warm air and the smell of fresh flowers and trees. I can’t wait for some days off so I can spend them walking around the nature and it’s wonders, lay on the beach and get my feet a little wet for the first time this year. As I already mentioned, it’s time for my ”Seasonal  ...



Hello everyone! I wanna start this post by saying THANK YOU to all you amazing individuals who read my blog and sometimes suffer from my too long problematically focused posts, so today I wanna start with something new. I’ve felt a need for a change and since the spring is coming I wanna start it off easily, with some different kind of posts. On that notice, I wanna engage all of you into my blog and urge you to write to me about the  ...


She who is brave is free

Lately, I’ve been getting this strange feeling like something really good but scary will happen. Scary in the terms that it will be something completely new and different, something I’ve never done before. I feel like my back are carrying some weight of the things that need to be done, be changed and improved. Yesterday was the first day I felt warm breezes of sea, salty air and concrete on my skin. Spring is almost here, and  ...


The 7 joys

Hello, hello! So, the winter semester is finally over which means that the spring is coming, exams are over and I can finally dedicate myself bit more to my blog, even if it’s just only for the first couple of weeks because my new subjects are even more demanding than the previous ones. But I’m happy, excited and full of joy because everything goes more smoothly when the sun is shining. I know I’m a bit late with this, but  ...