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July 2016


By the Sea; photo diary

  ”As I write, the sea is ever in my ears and in my bones.” β€” Karen Hesse   ”If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”Β  -Caroline Thompson Β ”A ray of sunshine in the morning, a chirp of a birds I pick up my book and read pages unheard a cup of hot coffee, an armchair cozy I turn the pages, I dissolve myself in story Kitten snuggling with me, wrapped in the cozy blanket  ...


Summer beachin’

Hola lovers πŸ™‚ Something a bit lighter on the subject today! I wanted to share with you all the stuff I carry with me in my beach bag and that in other stuff includes: one happy playlist from my iPod, favorite book at the moment and why and few favorite quotes from my dream journal. Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚ Hola lovers πŸ™‚ Danas neΕ‘to tematski malo lakΕ‘e! Ε½elim s vama podjeliti sve stvari koje nosim sa sobom u svojoj torbi za plaΕΎu a to izmeΔ‘u  ...


Chasers of the light: Dunja

Every person is a story to tell. We humans, we are strange creatures aren’t we? There’s not one individual even similar to you or your sister, mom, friend, and even thought sometimes it feels and seems like there’s someone out there just like you, we soon enough find out that’s not quite true. We come across many obstacles while being rational and emotional beings, mainly because our mind and our ”heart’s  ...


Chasers of the light: Bruna

  I’m always on the search. A search for some new places, some new unusual people, new ways of getting same stuff done and new parts of me that want to step outside the comfort zone of my usual and step into something more challenging, so here’s the first post of my new project called ‘Chasers of the light’. Since the Summer is on the full run, my free time is unlimited and every chance I get I use to do  ...


About love

Haruki Murakami sad that when people open their heart, they get better. That is one of the most amazing things I have ever read. We go through life mostly shut inside ourselves because we had bad experiences with people, in relationships, marriages or casual ‘get togethers’. We give up too soon and for many years we walk this earth in fear of getting hurt again so we open up to someone rarely or maybe even never. We end up  ...