It is comfortable to live inside our little bubble, a place where we feel safe and at ease. We enjoy the security and are okay with how everything is. We avoid anything that will shaken up that peaceful world we live in. When facing challenges and opportunities, we hold back, play safe, limit ourselves and our unrevealed potential just because it’s new and frightening. We slowly start loosing ourselves in that comfort zone and become completely passive in our own life. Even though we feel like we’re in control while staying inside our safe comfort zone, we don’t see how many things we’re actually missing out by staying there. We leave ourselves no room for expanding. When staying in that state for too long, we don’t even realize how too much comfort can make us lazy and kill our creativity, will and productivity. We don’t motivate ourselves towards improvement because we think everything is already okay. But let me ask you this; is everything really okay or are you just doing enough to get by?

Don’t get me wrong, stepping out of the comfort zone is one of the most courageous acts one can ever do. A step into completely unknown and uncomfortable area. When we hear it like that, we immediately shut off to the proposal and are on our couch before I even finished this line. Don’t we wanna feel that glowing self-esteem and try new things? Don’t we wanna find our passion? Let me tell you right away, none of those things will be inside that bubble of ours, they’re out there waiting for us to find them and master them. How will you know you’re not ment to be a musician if you never take a class of piano lessons. Or a ballerina if you never dance. Or a painter, if you never make a single brush stroke.

Most of the times, fear is the main reason that’s holding us back. It overpowers everything in our mind and creates a mental boundary that sets the tone for everything we do in life. We relate fear to stress, discomfort, unpredictability, disapproval, rejection. Bad emotions. But are they really bad? Did you know workout is stress to the body? Just think about it. When you expose your body to hard training for couple of hours it’s under stress. But no matter, we don’t feel bad after all that stress, we feel like a hundred bucks, energized, empowered, happy, better than we would if we sat on the couch for that time and ”relaxed with a funny tv show and a bowl of ice cream”. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat ice cream and relax in front of the tv, I’m just saying that’s what you’re used to doing. Next time instead of that, try doing something you’ve never done before, who knows what you’ll find. And it doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Take baby steps like with everything new.

Facing that unknown will lead us towards a generally better life. Life we’re really in control of. Imagine how amazing it would be if you said to yourself; ”Today I’m gonna take a new yoga class instead of watching other people do yoga on Instagram.” and just went for it. Imagine those new people you would meet, yoga exercises you would learn, how amazing you would feel after getting in the flow with your body and mind. Stepping out of your comfort zone like this will also build your self-esteem because you’ll finally realize that you’re capable of so much more than you thought you could do. Not only will you learn new skills, but your confidence will grow, just like your self-awareness, you’ll deal with everything much easier and with a new, better perspective on life. And the more you do it, the more you challenge yourself and push yourself, the easier it will get. If you started this two weeks ago, you’d be two weeks better at it, so start today.

I’m a real junkie when it comes to self-growth and these tips really helped me to step out of my comfort zone. I spent countless hours researching about this mental barrier of ours and through personal experience found just the right things we can do to make a step towards progress.



One of my favorite quotes is this: ”What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.” And I don’t know about you, but I always strive for that positive change and progress. Challenges are here to expand us as living creatures. Everyone can lie to bed in the evening, but not everyone can run 10 kilometers. How do you know you’re not that person if you never put on the sneakers and just go. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and were proud of yourself for completing something you didn’t know you could do? If you’re feeling like you’re living the same day over and over, it’s a sign you have to move. Even though running 10 km is a tough assignment and your body will hurt like hell, the glowing, growing feelings that follow won’t match anything you ever felt inside that comfort zone. 



Be careful what seeds you plant in your mind because our thoughts have much more power over us than we thought of in the first place. ”What you think you become.” said Buddha, and I couldn’t agree more. Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right! Starting out at something new may be a challenge and it may be discomfortable, but it’s all in how you perceive it and accept it. Gear up with positive attitude and things will work out, even though it may won’t feel like it at the beginning. We are much more stronger than we think. Especially when we realize that all limitations are self-imposed.



Sit down with yourself and write down everything you would like to try but were always afraid of doing. Set some goals. They don’t have to be some huge goals, starting out with something smaller will lead you in the right path and when you complete step one towards the first goal, all other steps will come much more easy. Change your daily routine by doing one small thing that will bring you towards one of your goals. Start with something you wouldn’t normally do. This will also lead you towards a change in your mindset. When you try something new and realize ”that wasn’t so scary”, your mindset will change accordingly and you’ll cope easier with new challenges to come. So instead of looking at something new with negativity, you’ll look at those things in much better light, which will also give you optimism and courage for every new step. There will always be some discomfort, difficulty and risk while trying out and learning something new. Don’t hold yourself back, dive in and expand.



We all have that voice inside our head that’s holding us back. We over think and overanalize the situation which leads us into the state in which we don’t know what to do, so we end up doing nothing. That voice is really strong when you’re living inside the comfort zone your entire life. It runs around inside our heads and makes us question every step we take. ”What if I fail?”Oh so what if you fail? It happened to everyone, in every time, space and dimension. We’re human beings and it’s okay to fail as much times as long as you get up afterwards. When you see people who are really achieving their goals and are living their dream lives, you must imagine they have no fear whatsoever, but they do. We all do. The point is that those people are there where they are because they didn’t let the fear hold them back, their will for life they always wanted overpowered every bad emotion. Don’t wait until you’re 40 to ask yourself how fast your life passed you by. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. Have courage to work for a life you want, and the life you want is outside your comfort zone. 


I hope I helped you guys out by sharing some of the tips I gathered over the years. Making this step will bring you all kind of mixed up emotions, but the main thing is to keep positive, take baby steps and believe in yourself. I know we can all do it! Hope you found this post useful and if you did let me know in the comments. 🙂 Below you’ll find some portraits of my dear friend Anita we shoot few days ago, thanks for modeling for me babe. 🙂 I never tried shooting these kind od creative portraits and I’m really glad I finally did! We had so much fun and the results are completely different to what you’re used to seeing on my photos, a but refreshed view. Hope you like them like I do.  Sea of love, S.





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