Let’s talk about self-care! It starts with the little things like getting your nails done, or giving yourself a bubblebath, treating your body with healthy food and using only what works best for you. In one of my latest posts, I wrote about my experience at the 4look Academy, the process of hair transformation and how they did an amazing job making my hair ”granny style”, but keeping it ”granny” was something I needed to take care myself. The Accademy gave me three Kemon products for hair maintenance for a review and I was so excited to try them because I remembered that feeling of softness through my hair after if was treated with their products at the salon.  I remember the hairdresser combing my hair after washing and it was so easy to comb, so I asked her what did se use, and she said ”Oh it’s just a shampoo.” I was in shock. Usually I need to use regenerator and oils after washing my hir to comb it out…

So to get back on the topic! I was given:




”Happy Color Shampoo”  -Deep cleansing shampoo for colour-treated hair that protects the cosmetic colour, maintaining long-lasting brilliance









”Cold Tone Magic Spray” – This instant leave-in glaze eliminates yellow tones from streaked, bleached or grey hair. Removes tangles, hydrates and nourishes the hair fibre. Do not rinse.






”Yo Cond Argento” – Hair treatment that nourishes and colours in one step.





In my 21 years, I have experimented with my hair and dyed it 6 times so I was ready to get in all the maitanance tasks. I remember one time, my hair was pale blonde and it hit me to dye it red, so I did. The colour would come off every time I washed it so I tried to use some kind of red hair spray, which you can spray all over your hair to make it look more red.  One time I got caught by the rainstorm and guess what happened to my hair.

After 5 washes with Happy Color Shampoo and treatment with Cold Tone Magic Spray, it was time for a color treatment test.  I didn’t want to use the treatment after the first wash because for the first three washes, my color was still in place. After washing my hair with the shampoo (it requires such a small amount!) I would use the Magic spray. It deserved his name- Magic. It really emoved the yellow tones that started to come out since I sprayed way to little the first time I used it, and my hair was like silk. I was a little bit surprised when I saw the small ambalage of Yo Cond Argento color treatment, (because of the thickness of my hair!) but as it turnes out, you don’t need a lot of it also and I have enough to use it one, maybe even two times.

After washing your hair with Happy Color Shampoo, dry it out a bit with a towel. For treatment, you’re gonna need a pair of disposal gloves, even though silver pigment is the only one you can use without gloves protection as I was informed by the hairdresser crew. All you have to do is distribute the product uniformly all around your hair and process for 3 min. than rinse througly. After the wash you can treat your hair with Cold Tone Magic Spray as usually.






I can say I was suprised by the result! A product that processes your hair for 3 minutes can actually color it and give it a refreshemnt. My hair is seriously soft and brighter than it was before I colored it. You can see the yellow tones here and there but only in the places where there were pink highlights which washed off after some time and were not treated with silver pigment at the salon.




This was my first review and I’m so happy I got to review something that was actually good and worked for me! Before the 4look Academy and I established profesional relationship and I got these products for a review, I asked one of the employes about the products and was ready to

buy them as I was admiring my hair in the salon mirror. There’s a no brainer here. It’s good for your hair, it’s Italian and you need just a little bit for amazing results! Self-care! Sea of love, S.

P.S. You can find version in Croatian at http://www.4look.hr/4look-store/njega-kose/

and you can find direct link for 4look Academy page in my promo boxes below featured posts slider on top of the page!







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  1. Ilka Elise

    November 24, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    I love your hair (I also loved it before) but the grey is so chic and really speaks to my granny heart.
    I’m always way too scared to color my hair, but if I would color it, it would be in some tone like yours is now.
    So beautiful! Plus, the ‘cold tone magic spray’ sounds like something I need to try.. (my blonde and light brown looks really need to cool down (they get yellow /reddish. Eeeek! )
    Much love and miss you. Ilka x

    1. loverofthelight

      December 1, 2016 at 1:42 pm

      Oh thank you so much love! Filip calls me granny all the time haha, specially when I put my white lace skirt on. You should maybe try out something new for a change, I think grey would look so pretty on you, specially if it’s a little brighter than mine, my pale friend 🙂 🙂
      I miss you, and when you get here, you can maybe stop by at the Academy and get a new hairstyle! Much love xx, S.

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