This Monday, Maja and I decided to meet half way from the places we live, pack a ton of outfits, our cameras and spend the day shooting and hanging out just like we did during summer. I think we repeated to each other a million times how stupid we are for not doing this trip earlier. Maja was one of the original five called ”Chasers of the Light” and you can find some of our summer photos here. 🙂 I really love working with her, it just fills up my creative batteries. I know when we see each other, there will be so many ideas just flying around. It surprises me sometimes how much we agree about everything we wanna shoot. It became official, I have a muse and she has a photographer. And we can’t wait to share with you all the photos that we took! 🙂

I always wanted to capture a photo of a girl running through a field in a white dress. How clishe. Also, ever since I visited Pag island for the first time, I’ve been obsessed with fields of golden grass. But when I heard ”Gods and Monsters” by Lana del Rey that obsession turned into a vision for a photo session! Luckily I had the right person with me and she had the same vision on her mind. This is the essence of everything she is. And no matter how clishe it may sound, do everything your own way. Sea of love, S.

(More photos on Maja’s blog :))

Kimono from La Vetrina Rijeka 🙂







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  1. Marina

    April 20, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Nemam riječi. Divine!
    Predivno…Baš mogu osjetiti tu “neku” energiju.. Bravi!

    1. loverofthelight

      April 20, 2017 at 4:54 pm

      aaa baš lijepo 🙂 drago mi je da ti se sviđaju i puno ti hvalaaa 🙂 <3

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