Hi loved ones! Last weekend our town celebrated the 33rd  anniversary of Rijeka’s Carnival known all over the Croatia and even Europe as one of the most visited festivals in our country. I spent the whole day walking around with my beloved Canon, taking every opportunity to catch all the amazing masks, crafted objects, cars, trucks and decorations that made the town colorful and lively in this terrible February weather. It positively surprised me how many people actually participate and how well they develop their groups, dance choreography and theme masks. I love seeing all people come together to celebrate, dance, sing, drink and just enjoy life from morning till dark. Every road in centre of Rijeka was closed, the streets were filled with confetti, glitter and balloons and it just made my soul dance. The people were so happy and friendly, everyone I had a chance to torture to pose for me to take a photo were happy to do so, and I enjoyed every second of it! 🙂 I hope I’ll be able to transfer you a bit of magic through my photos this amazing event brought  to the streets and it’s people and seriously suggest that you come to participate next year. Since I’m still piled up with college obligations and exams, I don’t have time for a new photosesion, but I’m soooo looking forward to the end of February, my birthday in March and our Florence trip in April. Exciting things are coming 🙂 For all of you that are in position like mine (with exams and all the rest) I wish you all to successfully finish all your college obligations and keep reminding yourself that hard work pays out. Huge sea of love! S.




















































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