Two Summers ago I attended the Fotosofija photography seminar and finally met my Insta buddy Anna Lukenda who, above evrything else she does, is a proud owner of MOA Baggeek- brand of handmade transformable bags, clothes and accessories. When we met at Fotosofija, Anna gave me one of her bags with a quote ”I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me.” I fell in love with it and carried it with me everywhere. In September, when I did an advanced selfie shooting for Sugar Ants, Anna contacted me saying how she’s got the perfect dress for me and will send it as soon as possible. I was able to choose between various colors and decided to go with royal blue, because it matches my blonde hair and green eyes perfectly. The day it arrived I immediately got home and tried it out- it really was like made for me. The material is warm and comfortable, perfect for the cold days, you can wear it with the slit in the front or in the back and I think it would match perfectly even with some cool sneakers.

Couple of weeks ago, after I got the dress, I published my favorite self portraits by far- bathing in black water and scrubbing myself with yellow leaves. The responses to those photos were mind blowing and among them, few people contacted me saying how they can’t believe those photos are actually self portraits. That really inspired me, but also got me into thinking, so I planned a new project. I teamed up with the video master Mateo Jurčić Videography and proposed a project- shooting a behind the scenes video while I’m taking advanced selfies in my new dress. A short video that will take you through the entire process of shooting. This time, I decided to take my self portraits outside. So last Sunday we met at Kobler’s square in Rijeka and spent the entire afternoon shooting. I won’t lie to you, it was really challenging, because I wanted to create artsy/ high fashion photos while it’s only a few degrees outside with wind blowing like crazy. The first location and plan I had in mind turned out to be shit, but I didn’t give in. I believe it’s all about the accepting that sometimes not everything will go the way you planned, adjusting yourself and trying over and over again. 

I’m happy with how the photos turned out and the whole process of shooting that day pointed me towards working even more. I realized how much space I actually have between where I am now with my self portraits and where I wanna be and I’m allowing myself to let that space inspire me, not terrify me. So without further ado, I’m gonna let you enjoy the video (because it’s really funny seeing me curse at one point) and below the video you can find final photos.

If you like the dress please visit MOA Baggeek on their Facebook and Instagram page.  And please, if you haven’t allready give a follow to my creative friend Mateo who is always kicking ass with his videos. You can find his Instagram here. Hope you’re gonna like this, if you do leave a comment below! 🙂 Sea of love, S.