Two nights ago I was sitting on Giulia’s balcony, smoking as usual. I observed the lights of the city. She lives in an apartment that has view over the entire city and nearby cities as well. I watched as the lights flicker in the distance. I felt so small and grateful. I loved what I was looking at and I thought about the fact that I’m probably gonna remember this moment for the rest of my life. This will be my memory. Then I thought about all the breathtaking moments I’ve lived through and how I remember them by feeling and have visuals in my head. I felt so happy. Those were my memories. I started talking with Giuli about this and we came to a conclusion- how many times you caught yourself bitching and complaining about little things like bad weather or bus being late, traffic being blocked or just feeling like you don’t have any energy and don’t wanna do anything. Think about this- these stupid complaining situations over small things will also be your memories. I know because I have a few of them myself. I think it has become our nature to complain about things. It’s hard for all of us in some way, but for our own sake, we need to suck it up and just stop. It’s like a disease. The more you complain, the more you’re gonna complain. It’s simple as that. When you start, you’re gonna find yourself complaining about everything and anything, because it’s easier to complain than trying not to. I found that if you’re complaining all the time about something, you’re gonna become one bitter little person who annoys itself and everyone around you, just spreading bad energy. You have to fight it. Fight it with your attitude towards the situations you’re currently in. 

My absolute favorite quote in the entire world is this: ”If you’re looking for a reason to feel bad, you’re always gonna find it.” That’s 100% true and it’s easier that way. Complaining, not working on yourself as a person, wasting your energy, spreading bad vibes around you. Your attitude towards life and the situations you encounter is, I believe, the most important thing you can learn mastering in a lifetime. It’s very fascinating that we as humans are capable of such unbelievable achievements in various fields like medicine, technology, science, the list can go on. But it looks like it’s natural for us to approach situations always first in a negative way. Those little things we find annoying are not actually annoying, it’s us that make them so. Remember that these are gonna be your memories as well. Don’t go through life just thinking about the bad stuff. That will be the only thing you’re gonna remember at the end because it’s the only thing you ever talk about or pay attention to. Just change the way you look at the situations and think about how many exact same situations you’re gonna go through in your lifetime. Let that sit in for a bit. You’re gonna come across millions and millions of situations where you can just bitch about it, but don’t. For yourself. I promise you it feels better when you just stop complaining and shift your focus towards something positive. If you’re annoyed by the line in store, instead of complaining and becoming more angry at the situation, take a moment to think about your life. I know there are so many things you can be happy and grateful about. Think about that. Take a moment to count your blessings. Because most of the time, we take things for granted and forget to appreciate them. We realize it when it’s too late. It amazes me how it’s easier to be a negative than a positive person. It actually takes a lot more effort when you’re trying to become a better person, think in a positive way, living in a positive lifestyle. It’s harder because it makes us grow. Just like when you train hard and lift weights and do insane amount of cardio to build a badass body. I think that’s an appropriate analogy with thinking positive and building a badass mind. Your world starts to change when you change your attitude towards life and the situations you’re in. 

Every day is different in some small little detail and every day we come across situations we have to deal with. It’s not just about those little things you find annoying. If you find them annoying and unable to change the way you approach them, how are you gonna deal with more serious stuff. Like failing at something, or moving to a different place, meeting new people, changing your workplace, fights and arguments with others. It’s like a spiral of negativity that will take over your life. That’s why it’s easier to start with simple things, like not being annoyed if the bus is late. See it as an exercise that you’ll do for a month. A simple mind exercise and see how it goes. And of course it’s natural that sometimes we break. That’s okay. We can’t be positive all the time, we would burn out. It’s just about changing your general attitude and trying to live a life in a more positive way. That’s all. Sea of love, S.