The first of June is here and that means it’s time for a new monthly playlist – new playlists will be up on the blog, every first Friday of the month!

Yesterday I got a message in my DM on Instagram from this cool guy from my college, saying how much he enjoys the music I post on my Insta stories. And he’s not the only one – many people who follow me gave a really positive feedback on the music I share here and on my stories and that gives me even more inspiration for composing badass playlists for my blog.

This talk with him got me into thinking about music. I came to the conclusion that nothing brings out more emotions in me like music does. When I hear a good song I wanna change myself and the world. Sometimes I get so hyped about a song, I play it on repeat for hours. My mum always used to tell me how I wanted to dance at first hearings of Strauss’s At The Beautiful Blue Danube, and I was two years old then. So I started dancing ballet when I was around three years old and continued practicing until I was thirteen. But then I had to move from my home town to another city and couldn’t practice anymore, because the city we moved in didn’t have ballet classes. That was the biggest heartbreak of my life. I’ll never get over that. When I was around fourteen, when I started going to high school, I started listening house and techno. Then I started going to parties. There’s something about that type of music that makes me wanna jump out of my skin. My heart beats to the rhythms and my legs slowly start to follow. I’ll listen to anything that’s good in my opinion and I never classify myself into any music group like rock, country etc. But in recent years I crystalized my taste in music and realised that most of the times I listen to electronic music; house, techno, EDM, minimal. Those are the types of music I enjoy most. I love sites with music sets over hour or two like DanceTelevision, MixMag, BoilerRoom. So I’m kind of a tech-house kid. When I edit photos I mostly listen to sets from Nicolas Jaar, and when I workout, Solomun or Luciano Vagabundo are always playing.

Hopefully I’ll be able to attend this year’s We Love Sound festival that’s happening at Zagreb tomorrow. Last year I worked for them and it was amazing (post link here) just being on the stage listening to DJs playing, but I had to take photos all the time and I didn’t really get the  chance to just let go and dance, dance, dance without thinking. So this Saturday I hope I’ll make it up for last year. This playlist is inspired by the festival and my hype for Summer of long nights and dances. Hope you enjoy it! If you have any suggestions on music, not just electronic ones, please write proposals, I’ll be more then glad to listen to them. Dance like nobody’s watching. Sea of love, S.