I’m one of those people who would want coresponding music to play at all times in background of their life, so headphones and iPod are the best things that humans ever invented (besides the things headphones and iPod wouldn’t be possible). When I was younger I listened to sad music when I was sad, happy music when I was happy and that led me into not listening one of my favorite bands (The National) for years, because I conected their songs to sad parts of my life. Than I learned to listen to the music for the music itself, for the subject itself, for the rythms and lyrics and pictures I get in my head when I listen to music. I found myself listetning to the most saddest songs when I was happiest and I found out that all of them are happy songs because art is responsible only for the beauty of itself, not the different emotions it draws out of the observer. This is what I’ve been listening lately. Hope you find time to stop and dance. Sea of love, S.


  1. Aaron Smith- Dancin (KRONO Remix)


2.Flume- Never Be Like You feat. Kai


3. Flume- Say It feat. Tove Lo


4. Møme – Aloha (Feat. Merryn Jeann)


5. Mura Masa – Love$ick (feat A$AP Rocky)



6.  Mura Masa- Firefly feat. Nao


7.  Chet Faker 1998