A friend once sent me an Instagram post from The Good Advice Cupcake. It was a short video in which a little cupcake writes a list of plans. She writes them down one by one on a piece of paper and hands them over to life. Life looks at the plans, nods its head while the cupcake is patiently waiting, takes out a lighter from it’s pocket and sets the ‘plan list’ on fire. You can already see the point here. 

I always had trouble with accepting the things I can’t change. It would trew my off the track. It took me years of shit and crossroads to finally realize, things won’t always go my way and accept that there’s no use in crying over spilled milk. Couple of days ago I once again had to remind myself ow what it truly means to just take a deep breath and sing the song from the Frozen cartoon: ”Let it gooo.. let it goo..”After a long hot shower, a cigarette and two cups of tea, I sat down with myself and thought about everything that happened, everything that will happen, and how everything is a sign pointing you towards your next move. At least that’s how I like thinking about things. I always believed that everything happens for a reason. For a period of time I abandoned that perception of life, and when I finally regained it back, I’ve realised it suits me like no other. It suits the way I live and handle the situations in my life, the way I think about things and I won’t question it for a long time. Some of you may disagree with me and think of life as a series of accidental random events, and if that works for you I say go for it! To me, life unwrapped in a different way to many times for me to think about everything as a pure coincidence. And even if I am objectively wrong and life is just a set of accidental events, thinking about things in this light gives you opportunity to expand as a being.

What do I mean by that? Every time something bitter kicks me off the track, I as I am, like to analyze the situation, especially by writing about it. And when I finally chewed it inside and out, I think about this ”How can I make the most out of it?”. By doing this a couple of times before, I came to a realisation that asking yourself this question is a really powerful tool. And I do believe it’s a really healthy habit to implement in your life routine. It’s perfectly okay to get upset about a certain kind of situation for a day or few, but holding those bad feelings inside for too long will poison you. When something kicks you off the track, let it all out, take a few deep breaths, remind yourself it’s not worth it, and transfer that energy into something positive. How can you make most out of this situation? What can you learn from it? Is it aiming you towards something you missed? Something you’ve pushed aside? I know there will be something, some answer for all of us. It will ring there somewhere like a little bell.

At the end of the video I mentioned before, the cupcake smiles because it figured out that life doesn’t always happen the way you plan and that you should just go with the flow. I once again figured out my next move, because I figured out what the signs were pointing at and I’m gonna go there no matter what. Head through the wall.

If you’re in a place where you’re unsure if things happen for a reason, I suggest you try approach things in this way a couple of times, act accordingly and see what happens. If you never try…. Make the most out of everything. I think signs appear everywhere around you. That’s all. Sea of love, S.