Today I wanted to write about what expressing yourself through art means, but as I was sitting on the window, smoking and thinking about the subject, I’ve come to a realisation that it’s not only important to express yourself through your craft, this stands for everything in your life. When I hear the words ”express yourself” the first thing that comes in my mind is ”expressing myself through art of photography” because I’m a photographer. This is my craft, my thing and in the end, my exhaust through which I blow out steam that’s been piling up inside me. But it’s not only that, it’s something through which I express everything I can’t in any other way.  I don’t know a single person on this planet that doesn’t want to express their opinion, and I believe it’s better to say it in a peaceful way through some form of art than arguing with people with opposed opinion. 

How do you feel right now? Do you feel like something is holding you back? It’s fear. A familiar one. And I know you feel that blockage because you still haven’t expressed what you really wanted haven’t you? You’re afraid what’s the world gonna say about it? What are your closest ones gonna say about it? Well, what do you have to say about it? In a world like ours is today, there are no rules and no limits to what you can do to express your feelings and opinions about life and the world. And I know opinion is like an ass- everybody has one, but if yours promotes something good and valuable to the world and you feel the need to let go and say what you wanted, go for it!  No one wants to live with that tight feeling that squeezes your insides. I had that for a long time and I know exactly how it feels. Like you need to pass over it in any moment, but you just can’t. You feel it blocking you in everything you do. The pain becomes physical. Over time, those unexpressed emotions you’ve kept hidden from the world are gonna pile up and you won’t be able to keep them boxed up anymore. There will be two outcomes to the situation; first, you’re gonna lose it, lose yourself as a person and spend the rest of your life living as someone else’s puppet or second, you’re gonna crack, tell everyone to go fuck themselves and allow yourself to be unapologetic about everything you create. Blow out the real steam through the exhaust. And it will be different for every one of us. For me it’s expressing through photography, for others it will be painting, or making music, fashion, design publishing articles, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle, the list can go on, we all have our things. And if we feel the blockage I was just telling you about, it means we’re not being honest to ourselves. We haven’t been expressing what’s really on our mind, or something we really are. Imagine you’re a female fitness enthusiast and every other girl out there that’s in your line of work looks like a Barbie doll, but you wanna look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I say damn it, go for it! Don’t fall into the pattern. If you wanna do something that’s not exactly like what everybody else is doing, them even more, GO FOR IT! It’s what you want, it’s how you feel, it’s what you wanna let out and express and I say go for it. Imagine how many people will do the same if they saw your example. What a beautiful place the world would be. But if not for others, damn it, do it for yourself. 

When you just start expressing what’s really on your soul through something you do, this freedom will spread like a positive disease to every other aspect of your life and soon everything will unfold. You’ll no longer allow anyone to play with you like a puppet. You will learn to stand for yourself even with the toughest opponents, whether it’s your partner, parents, employer, or a bad lifestyle. I always had that specific color palette in my photos and that ”my thing” where I shoot random objects and edit them so specifically, you can’t even tell what it is. One time I came across total disapproval of one of my closest people then. The person said something like ”your colors are so childish, you should replace it with something more natural” and things like ”let go of shooting those stupid things, focus more on serious stuff”. Child like I was then, I was so hit by those words I did exactly what the person told me. And I was so damn unhappy. I hated everything I produced because that’s not how my world looked like, that’s not the message I wanted to send out, that’s not how I was feeling. My world is in saturated pastel colors and golden tones and deep blacks and no color is left untouched. I see it like that and through my photos I wanna say: ”World can be a really magical place when you just look around instead being so depressed all the time. There’s so much more to be happy about.” So in one moment I just said ”Fuck no” to that person and started doing everything my way again. What I let out was mine and mine alone.

When I finally expressed what I was craving to let out for such a long time, the pain in my gut was finally gone. Even though everything else also fell into place, that feeling like there’s no more pain or blockage is the only thing worth losing if anything. Do you wanna dress like Vivienne Westwood, damn it go for it. Even if everybody looks at you like you’re a crazy person (and believe me they won’t because everybody is stuck in their own shit anyway and don’t pay attention to anyone else), I know you’ll feel like the queen of the world and that is totally worth it. Have you alway felt like there are people who publish shit articles in science community? Prove it that they’re shit. (In a sophisticated way of course) Write that paper you’ve been always dreaming about. Make a YouTube video and spill it all out. The options are limitless. 

And as I’m coming to the end of this post, I know in time you’re gonna free yourself off the pressure that’s been holding you back. This post may just be one of the reasons that will push you over and you’re gonna say about everything and anything you want. At least I hope so. Thank you for staying. Sea of love, S.