I’ve spent this weekend in Zagreb as a part of the 4LOOK team for Hairstyle News festival. This is an international hairdresser seminar dedicated towards educating attendants, perfecting techniques, promoting the hairdressing industry to the public and generally making improvements in the field. And as every team out there we had a show. Our mission was; introducing the new Italian Touch collection by Kemon Italy. Ever since I’ve started using Kemon products, my hair is never better I am thrilled with everything they create and their special philosophy which shines through everything they do. You can check out the ”Behind the Collection” photos and stories on this link 🙂

We’ve spent the whole day getting ready for the show that was later in the evening and had some free time to drink coffee, check out the festival and take some photos 🙂 There were so many of us and everybody looked so beautiful. There were two moods of the collection; Retro Bit, more focused on 80’s fashion trends and a digital aura around the whole mood, which creates a contemporary feeling. The Soul Bit is much more minimalistic, combining comfort and preciousness. By that it creates fluidity and frees the body of all limitations. Ideas behind this Spring 2017 collection were so inspiring for me! That’s why I’ve spent the entire day after the show checking out Italian Touch campaign movies and scrolling through their site for some more ideas to refresh my creative mood. What gets me most excited and happiest is the chance to step into something completely new and different. An opportunity to connect with like-minded people and make new friends, business partners etc., to spread my horizons a bit. So I’m always interested in something someone else has to show me or teach me, places to fill me up and inspire me for some new projects. Seeing all those people, hairdressers, stylists, models, educators, all coming together for one main purpose; creating something new for the world to see and drink up really leaves you amazed and wanting more. Fashion is something through which we create our outside identity, a way for us to purify ourselves, to change and become more in tune with ourselves with every new style combination. That’s why I love aesthetic and statement style expression, it’ a medium that says who we are without the need of any words at all.

Thank you, to over 30 of you for such a beautiful experience! <3

For more videos of the show you can check out the Hairstyle News festival official site. Sea of love, S.

(First part of the photos taken in Polyboy barbershop :))



Morning after the show, the girls and I visited the coffee shop and gin bar under the name A Most Unusual Garden and it’s such a magical little place! This tree house is every little girl’s dream come true! Had to share and reccomend this place 🙂

Anita in her element 🙂







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  • Marina Lifts

    on March 28, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Just beautiful! Fotke su prekrasne, ti si prekrasna, lica i energija je prekrasna!

    • loverofthelight

      on April 4, 2017 at 1:08 pm

      Puno ti hvala 🙂 Baš me uvijek razveseliš svojim predivnim riječima! 🙂 <3