I took a break two months ago from posting on Instagram, so I can find my creative flow again. I’m back as of this week and if you follow me there, you already know I have a ton of photos I wanna share with you, specially from my recent travels. But before I did that I wanted to refresh my blog a little bit. Most photographers are specialised for just one or two fields of work, like portrait photography or food or something else. I love to shoot everything; creative portraits, architecture, food, products, fashion, and all of that combined on my Instagram feed didn’t look like anything much, all mixed up. My most passionate interest in photography are people in general (portraits, fashion shootings, conceptual body art), but I didn’t want to leave behind other fields of photography I enjoy. So I decided to redesign my blog and through my portfolio page give a clear look of what I shoot and what can my readers expect from me on the blog and in work generally. So here’s a brief look of changes I did for the blog.


When you visit partsofthesun.com the first thing you’ll see is my portfolio page segregated to five categories:



Besides usable products like perfumes, creams and similar things, you can also find food (especially cakes). I will make a new category for food photography when I collect an enough amount of photos for this field. I’m mostly targeting at producing photos of products as a part of our everyday life and always searching for a new angle or a way in which I can tell the story about the brand behind the product.



These are mostly photos I’m doing in collaboration with make up artists, so the main focus is on the beauty part, but you can also find random creative portraits I’m especially pleased with.



As I already said, fashion shoots I do are inspired by fashion editorials published in magazines. I love clothes since I graduated high school as a fashion designer. It was one of my first passions. This field is especially dear to me because I love collaborating with bloggers, stylists and people in the fashion industry, always creating some story to tell about the brand through setting, location, mood and outfits.



Under this category you can find architecture, as the headline itself says, but also monuments and sculptural elements I took photos of that really caught my eye. I study art history and besides theory of modern art, my favourite classes were always about modern architecture.



When I see something I like, I see it as it is in my head. The colours and mood are already predetermined, so I take a lot of effort in editing the photos in the way that will transfer my vision to the world. I love broken shapes and close-ups of ordinary things that look like something else when you shoot and edit them afterwards. As I already mentioned, I went to school of applied arts and I’m used to applying unusual colours on my photos, so you can find a lot of stuff here. Something I do for my own soul and satisfaction.



When you click on the MENU icon, you can find my blog posts separated into categories, and all of them together under the category BLOG. I will be publishing all my travel photos and tips, fashion shootings etc. as blog posts, but you can find my favourite shots on the portfolio page. I’m also planning on introducing two new categories when I have enough material. But you will be noted when the time comes 🙂

Other than that, since I’ve upgraded my equipment to Canon 5D mark iv, my photos are huge. And by huge I mean 6720 x 4480 (30.mp). All of them are resized to 1024 x 628 so the blog can load quicker. It kind of bothers me because I can see the sharpness and quality of the photos radically reduced compared to the original photo exported from Photoshop, but it is what it is. So, I just wanted to point out that they’re much more sharper and clearer in quality then they look on the blog.

Since this is a minimalist theme, there are no longer social media widgets, but you can find links for my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts by clicking on the MENU icon and then SOCIAL MEDIA


First blog post from my travels is due to Wednesday and it’s one from Prague. I’m so excited to share the photos and stories with you. I’ll be also sharing some of the must see places in Prague, in my opinion, which we visited during our stay. 🙂 So you can expect a new blog post every other week on a Wednesday. I’m planning on doing a survey through my insta stories and I would appreciate your input about what do you wanna see/ read from me on the blog besides photography. My love for creating expands into various fields and I would love to share more of everything I create with you, so feel free to send me proposals about what you wanna see. And since music follows me everywhere I go and is a big part of my creative process, new playlists will be up on the blog every first Friday of the month. 

Hope you’re gonna like what ”I’ve done with the place”. A change is only constant thing in the world and is a necessary part of our life, and our creative life too. So by changing everything I wanted to start a new chapter in my journey. Thank you for taking the time and reading all of this. Hope I didn’t complicate stuff too much. I would absolutely love and appreciate your feedback on the blog, so feel free to explore and write your opinions about everything. See you again on Wednesday! Sea of love, S.