It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Over the last couple of months I’ve been completely lost and didn’t find true satisfaction in posting like I did before. There are all kind of reasons for me feeling this way, but slowly, with the spring knocking on our door I started to wake up and take control over my life.

Many things changes since I’ve posted and I can say I feel like I’m becoming a completely new person. Not a new one in the true sense of the word, but a familiar one I always kept inside my head, a vision who I can be if I made some radical changes in my life and started putting myself and my creative life before anything else. Every day I’m trying to become better than I was yesterday and even though that’s not so easy sometimes and even though sometimes we need rest from everything, that idea is something I’ve carried with me all the time and been trying to stick to it even on the hard days. First thing I decided I’m gonna work on is this blog and my commitment to it. I love internet and I love the fact that by one click the whole world is at our disposal. Also, I love sharing my work and things that inspire me with all of you because I truly believe that a good photo, sentence, quote, video or reference to someone else can change your mind radically. Content creating is something many people take for granted and think it’s an easy job, but for everyone of us working behind the scenes, we know that’s far away from truth. But if you love what you do, like I love what I do, everything in the process of creating is an act of love no matter how difficult it can be sometimes. 

For the last three weeks I’ve gone crazy from work, but my heart is so full of happiness and love for it that when I lie in bed at the end of the day, all I get a chance to say is how grateful I am for it all before I pass out out of tiredness. That’s how I always imagined my life to be. Running around, working with amazing people, taking numbers of photos equivalent to blinks of my eyes, rarely being home and just enjoying and processing everything in that 15 minute break between shootings when I’m taking the bus to the next location. This way of living meant cutting off some things in my every day life but we all know that every new beginning demands some things being sacrificed. For me those things involved sleeping properly, eating a home cooked meal every day, relationships with people I spent time with every day, a coffee with my friends every day for two coffees a week.. The list is irrelevant. I know this isn’t the healthier way to run things, but if at the end of the day I lie in bed and don’t think of a single thing in that day that I would change, that for me means I’m on the right path. And I know I won’t always be willing to live like this. One day I may decide to work at some gallery and come home, cook some lunch and watch a movie for three hours. Right now, at the age of 23, my life is a spinning mess of wonderful things and I absolutely love it. I love it, and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. 

So, to keep it in the proper length I’m just gonna share this one thought; do it now. I know all of you have a vision of what you truly wanna do with yourself and your time. You all know where you wanna be right now, with who and doing what. Don’t keep yourself away from that, especially if you’re a young thirsty one who’s been keeping still because of some irrelevant reason you keep telling yourself. Nothing is permanent. One life, one body, one mind. Go and do with it whatever it is that you always wanted to do. The world is your playground and it’s waiting for you to grab it by its balls. 

Please watch this video. Please make yourself a favour and watch this, it’s nothing long, but I promise you it will mean much in the long run. It did it for me. Until next time. Sea of love, S.