To be honest with you, I couldn’t wait to publish this blog post. My friend Anita Dundović from the blog NOIR ANI is a real style icon. We met one and a half-year ago in person, but followed each other on Instagram for ages before that. I always admired her aesthetics and taste and most of all, her fearlessness at wearing unusual pieces, but more than that, wearing them unapologetically with such confidence. She is a real trendsetter. 

I can remember our first shooting together and coffee afterwards. I was sure I’ll be working and hanging out with her for years to come. So in March this year she surprised me with the most amazing birthday present and proposed an idea for a trip together. I remember her saying how grateful she is that I’m always on disposal for her whenever she needs photos, so she wanted to repay me back booked us a trip to Rome. She covered our plane tickets and organised everything. I was so excited because I knew that together, in such a beautiful place, we’d make badass photos. And that’s exactly what happened. 

In my earlier post where I talked about the Rome experience, I mentioned how every day we would go to bed early and wake up at the crack of dawn to miss all the tourists and shoot until our legs fell off. Other than that, this queen managed to pack 8 outfits for 5 days in a suitcase that’s was so small, I barely managed to pack two shorts, few shirts and a dress. 

And the adventures that followed are ones I’m gonna remember for life. Like standing in front of her trying to cover up the fact that she’s changing her clothes and is standing in a bra in a ally not far from the centre of Rome, comming up with a plan to fart among people at the Trevi fountain so everybody would move and we’d get a clean shot, spraining her leg the last day because the dress was so classy she didn’t wanna change in sneakers and walked the streets full of holes in heals… The other side of the medal and I’m so happy to share it with her.

Hope you guys are gonna like these. The amount of sweat, creativity in searching for locations and effort to avoid all the people put in these photos could only be understood by ones who were witnessing everything along the way, so now I’m just gonna stop talking and let you enjoy all the photos. Sea of love, S.


Anita’s Instagram

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