Two weeks ago I had a photo shooting at Stephany Stefan studio in collaboration with music producer Sang Bleu. We had a plan on doing some moody studio portraits so he can use them for his web, Youtube and Beatstars profile. Last time I worked with lightning was one and a half-year ago at Fotosofija photography seminar, so it was time to try something different. I used mostly one light, the Elinchrom BRX 500/500 and in some I added another one that will pop out the background more. As every child that gets his hands on something it likes, I wanted to play with it and the results turned out amazing. I shot with Canon 5D Mark IV and two lenses- Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Canon 24-105mmf/4. Since my collab buddy was totally open-minded about the edit, I decided to play around with layers in Photoshopwhich produced some of my favorite portraits so far. 

The whole experience at Stephany’s studio was absolutely amazing. Not only does she rent for a really fair price and has badass equipment I could use, she made us tea and I could connect my phone to the speakers and play my own music while we had the shooting- which was really cool because I could totally get into the mood, and so could my model. 

If you’re into studio lightning but can’t afford buying your own, I’d definitely recommend Stephany’s studio. You can contact her via her WebsiteInstagram or Facebook profile. 

Sang Bleu is starting his career with some badass beats you can find on his YOUTUBE and BEATSTARS account, so give him a follow if you’re a content creator or a singer needing music for your purposes. I definitely recommend it. 🙂

I won’t rant anymore. Please listen to the song while going through the photos because that’s what we listened to while shooting and you can get in the vibe more. Hope you’re gonna like these! Sea of love, S.