Sugar Ants is a newly founded Croatian brand of street wear clothes from Vinkovci. Their first collection that came out in 2016. was all about shirts and bags with 11 different animal motives in geometric and minimalistic style. All made of pure cotton, these product represented the freedom of animals. The philosophy of the brand was strongly influenced by the need for stopping all animal closure in zoo cages and circus shows, pointing out that it’s better looking at the animals on shirts and bags instead behind bars. Brand puts a lot of focus on ecological changes and promoting personal freedom, with strong messages that they’re not gonna be politically neutral in the next collections.

Few weeks ago this amazing brand introduced a new fashion accessory that made trend setters around the world go crazy- ”The Cat Backpack”. First one of this kind, this product has a symbolic name- a backpack for everyone, and with that it got the attention of the public and soon, everyone wanted to grab a hold of it. Their first batch was sold in a week! Luckily for me, I got one before all of them were sold out.

So today I’m gonna share with you my first ”advanced selfie editorial” and tell you all about why I’ve fallen in love with this backpack and why I’m not taking it off my back.

The space cats design is already familiar to Sugar Ants fans, but now they have a new purpose- decorating a backpack that you can easily turn into a shoulder bag. Through the look book editorial for this new product, brand celebrated the beauty and individuality of women through three generations- 80, 24 and 8 years old. And as always, humanity gesture wasn’t left out- a particular amount of monthly sales is donated to the association ”Nine Lives” from Osijek that for years takes care of abandoned cats.

The story behind this campaign came to life as a revolt to fashion industry that dictates trends and has rules about who should wear a product and in what particular style. The message of the creator and director of the brand Zvonimir Šarić is this- ”If you like it, wear it, there is no targeted audience, this is a backpack for EVERYONE!” Out of everything they did, this is my absolute favorite campaign and I’d encourage you to visit their INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK for more photos.

And now a few reasons why I’ve personally fallen in love with this backpack. Not only is it made of 100% cotton and is wearable in two different shapes, it fits my lifestyle. I’m a person that never leaves home without my Canon and more than that, I always bring with me an extra lens, batteries and a charger. When I’m off to work, I carry my camera bag, but when I’m out shooting for myself I always find it hard to find a backpack that won’t hurt my shoulders by carving it’s handles in my skin because of the extra weight. When I leave home, I always have a ton of stuff, like I’m moving to some other place so in the next photos you can see how many things I carry outside with me and how they all fit my new cat backpack.



I’m a minimalist in colour- black, white, beige are my favourite to wear, but I love shirts as much as I love jeans. By trying out outfits I’ve realized that you can wear this backpack with everything. And if you’re a colour minimalist, this space cats pattern will spice up your combination with just right amount.


And above all, I love the message it sends. I love how it revolts the fashion industry and I love how it fits absolutely everyone.

I wanna thank Sugar Ants for this beautiful present and the chance to become a part of their story. Price of this limited edition backpack is 199.99 kn (31$) and you can order one for yourself via their Facebook page, Instagram, or directly by email:

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and will get one for yourself before they’re all sold out!  Sea of love, S.