Yes, it’s the third day of spring and just yesterday evening my mom sent me a photo of snow covering my hometown. Literally covering it. A sad moment for every one of us who enjoy nice warm weather. I was kind of hoping to get out of my thick aviator jacket by the middle of March. Few days ago I naïvely started wearing a bit lighter leather jacket and protested about the cold saying I’ll be wearing a jeans jacket for the first day of Spring, but I was forced to get back into the aviator one. It’s not the cold itself that bothers me, but the fact that everything’s grey and moody and it’s really hard to realize some photo ideas of colourful editorials when everything around you looks like postwar Yugoslavia with those big dark clouds.

So yesterday evening I remembered I took some pretty cool photos at Fužine city covered up in snow at the middle of February, but didn’t have the time to post them. I always wanted to try out at taking breathtaking landscapes, but I was stuck with old Canon 60D that starts to blur everything few meters away from the lens (because 18 mp). So when I traveled back to Rijeka with my parents, I begged them to stop at Fužine so I can test my Canon 5D MARK IV and new 24-105 f/4 lens, that turned out to be perfect for landscapes. Taking photos on minus something degrees is a real challenge and since I live in Rijeka for five years now where it doesn’t snow, so I froze af and was able to shoot only as much before I cuddled up at some local coffee shop by the fire-place. The wind was blowing so much and I had no gloves to cover my hands, so I just kept singing that line from the Frozen cartoon: ”The cold never bothers me anyway!!”. It didn’t work. But as it turns out, I was actually able to take some cool shots and decided to share them with you today, hoping that it will make the cold go away.

I played around a bit in Lightroom and decided to do something different from I usually do. Since everything was white and faded, I added a bit contrast and vibrance to it resulting in a happy winter scene. I love that post-process of editing my photos the way I feel them. Nothing is left untouched. It’s usually not much and I try to keep it close to reality, but my reality in a bigger part, a feeling I’m carrying inside myself when I’m walking this world and taking photos. I would love to hear what you have to say about these series, so feel free to leave a comment, ask me a question on editing or anything else, please feel free to write it down. 🙂 Hope the Spring, ACTUAL SPRING comes really soon. Sea of love, S.