Happy New Year lovers! May this be the year in which you start making your dreams come true if you still haven’t started pursuing them. Even though I think time is mostly psychologically invented therm, it’s empowering to have that one year transition. It marks a new beginning and puts impact on us so hard we actually wanna do things differently this year, and I love that. I love how we all have the same goal actually and that is bettering ourselves. I have few of my own resolutions written down and I’m really looking forward to making them happen. And as every year I know there will be challenges on the way and things will seem like it’s all a huge mess, but just keep those goals in mind and stay in the flow. 

Today I scrolled through Instagram and came across, well I truly do believe this is actually the most beautiful things I’ve ever read and I want to share it with all of you. It inspired me so much. And below, you can find some dance tunes to spice up the beginning of your year. Sea of love, S.



”You have to envision it, no matter how hard life fights you. You have to see yourself, out of the messiness, out of the dark. You have to envision it — you in Paris, or Rome, or wherever the hell your heart wants to go, with your best friend, feeling like the whole world is opening up for you. You have to envision it — the small apartment in your favorite city that you share with someone who is your biggest fan, the both of you sitting on the couch sipping coffee and reminiscing about all of the small and nameless things you got to share together. You have to envision it — the morning you wake up and there is no heaviness in your chest, no lump in your throat. You have to envision it — the survival. The hope. The version of yourself you can’t, and won’t, give up on. You have to envision it, you have to hold on to whatever it is that fills you with courage, because the world needs you here. It needs you.”